Eur J Pediatr.
23 Mar 2023

Various neurological manifestations can be associated with influenza virus. Certain entities led to a poor prognosis, but in most cases, symptoms improved within a few days. The severity of the...

Surg. Today
23 Mar 2023

Tumor localization in the rectum is associated with several problems, including a wide resection area, prolonged operative duration, and high risk of anastomotic leakage, which may increase the...

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth
23 Mar 2023

We validated the relatively high stability of the histological endometrial dating platform—including the out-of-phase rate and the expected dating rate of reevaluation in patients with RIF—by...

Intern Emerg Med.
23 Mar 2023

Our results suggest a role for SOST in both short- and long-time prediction of worse outcome in septic elderly admitted to internal medicine wards.

23 Mar 2023

A history of migraine prior to pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (RR = 1.17, 95% CI: 1.09–1.26). The greatest risk was among those with pre-...

Clin Ophthalmol.
23 Mar 2023

SB/PPV yielded a significantly better primary anatomical success rate when compared to SB and PPV. Functional success and final BCVA was similar amongst the interventions. Inferior detachments...

23 Mar 2023

In patients with gout who were intensively treated to the sUA target, work productivity and activity impairment were largely unchanged and at 1 year predicted by comorbidities and patient...

J Clin Periodontol
23 Mar 2023

This study demonstrated a unidirectional relationship between glycemic status and periodontal condition. This study population has mostly mild periodontitis. Future studies are needed to...

Ann Neurol.
20 Mar 2023

Patients with atrial fibrillation and high burden of microbleeds receiving combination therapy have a tendency of higher rate of intracranial hemorrhage than ischemic stroke, with potential for...